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Ultra Thin Metal Foil Manufacturer In India

DOMADIA’s are supplying ULTRA THIN METAL FOIL like as Stainless Steel Foil, Beryllium Copper, Nickel Foil, Mumetal Foil, Indium Foil.

Stainless Steel Foil

High Grade steel, processed to a foil as thin as 1 µm (0.001mm) through advanced rolling technology, is excellent in flexibility, lightness, and corrosion resistance.

Also, the stainless steel foil is excellent in corrosion resistance, high strength, and high electric resistance compared with the aluminum foil and the copper foil.

Nickel Foil


  • DENSITY 8.9 g/cm3
  • THERM.EXPASION COEFFICIENT 20 – 100 ˚C 10 ˚/K 13

Indium Foil

Indium Foil are used as a thermal interface and can easily be handled with pick and place tools. Never worked with indium foil and wondering, “What’s all the hype about?” In many ways, Indium Foil is just another Metal foil (like aluminum foil) with the typical properties metals exhibit.

However, compared to the other foils, Indium foil has some cool characteristics are worth recognition. These characteristics are what lend Indium foil to be a material of choice as a thermal interface material.

Beryllium Copper

Beryllium copper, also known as copper beryllium, BeCu or beryllium bronze, is a metal alloy of copper and 0.5 to 3% beryllium, and sometimes with other alloying elements.

It is a copper alloy with load bearing capacity which is second to none.

Mumetal Foil

MuMETAL® Foil is used primarily in low intensity fields where the highest attenuation, highest initial permeability µ (Mu) and highest shielding efficiency are desired. MuMETAL® Foil is fully annealed and available in stock gauges from 0.002″ to 0.010″ thickness [0.05 mm to 0.25 mm].

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