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MuMetal Foil


Product Description

Size in mm: 0.05 x 100 x 100 mm

Size in Inch : 0.002 x 4 x 4″

50 micron = 0.05 mm = 0.5 cms = 0.002 inch

MµMetal / MuMetal / µMetal / HyMu80 / Nickel Iron Molybdenum / Permalloy 80 / Super Muniperm / FeNi80Mo5 / Super MuMetal / SofMag80 /  Supermalloy /  Aperam / Permimphy / Permalloy C /  EFI Alloy 79 / Magnifer 7904 / Hipernom / Moly-Permalloy / Amumetal

– These are few Brand and Trade Names.


Popular Shielding Applications of MuMetal

– Shielding from Earth Magnets
– cathode ray tubes (CRTs) used in oscilloscopes
– sensitive electronic equipment against magnetic field
– AC magnetic circuits
– shield against electric field.
– telegraph cables
– Electric power transformers, which are built with mu-metal shells to prevent them from affecting nearby circuitry.
– Hard disks, which have mu-metal backings to the magnets found in the drive to keep the magnetic field away from the disk
– Cathode-ray tubes used in analogue oscilloscopes, which have mu-metal shields to prevent stray magnetic fields from deflecting the electron beam.
– Magnetic phonograph cartridges, which have a mu-metal case to reduce interference when LPs are played back.
– Magnetic resonance imaging equipment.
– The magnetometers used in magnetoencephalography and magnetocardiography.
– Photomultiplier tubes.
– Vacuum chambers for experiments with low-energy electrons, for example, photoelectron spectroscopy.
– Superconducting circuits and especially Josephson junction circuits.
– Fluxgate magnetometers and compasses as part of the sensor.


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