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Polyimide Film is a good HN grade insulating material. It is widely used for insulation purposes in electrical appliances, which are used in a special environment. To use the polyimide film means reducing the volume and weight of the electrical appliances while retaining the same output or increase the capacity without increasing in frame size. It can also prolong the service life of electrical appliances and increase their reliability. Its long-term working temperature is under 200 °C.

The following properties of Polyimide Film ensure its good performance under extreme temperature or other conditions.

  • Has a Good property of insulation and mechanism.
  • Good temperature-resistant property and wide performance temperatures range. It can be used under temperature from –60 °C to +250 °C for a long period and –269 °C to +400 °C for a short period without changing its electrical and mechanical properties.
  • Good chemical stability. It resists most organic solvents.
  • Excellent flame retardant property.
  • Good radian-resistant property.
  • It can be combined with many other materials. When combined with a fluorine resin, its characters of wet and corrosion resistance are greatly improved.


  • Conductors
  • Wire & Cable
  • Flexible Printed Circuits
  • Insulation
  • Automotive
  • Bar Code Labels
  • Aerospace
  • Safety
  • Transportation


Film TypeThickness Nominal (micron)*Thickness ToleranceAvailable WidthNominal Unit Weight (g/m2)Nominal Length Factor (m/kg)Nominal Area Factor (m2/kg)
Min. (micron)Max. (micron)Min. (mm)Max. (mm)

* Special thickness is also available upon request

ItemUnitValue for each thicknessMethod
Tensile Strength, MinMDMPa135135135135135JB2726-96
Elongation, MinMD%4040404040JB2726-96
Dielectric Strength at 50 Hz, MinAverageKV/mm(MV/m)150150150150150JB2726-96
Volume Resistance at 200 °C, MinOhm.m1x 10101x 10101x 10101x 10101x 1010JB2726-96
Dielectric Constant at 50Hz3.1-3.93.1-3.93.1-3.93.1-3.93.1-3.9JB2726-9h6
Dielectric Dissipation Factor 50Hz, Max0.0040.0040.0040.0040.004JB2726-96

The polyimide PSA tape is made by coating the silicone or acrylic adhesive on the surface of the treated polyimide film. 


The tape is of excellent temperature resistant properties, Ranging from -73 °C to 268°C. It is widely used in high-temperature shielding such as the golden finger protection during PCB pass through the soldering oven, surface protection, electrically insulating, platting mask, etc. There is no residual adhesive when the tape is peeled off after use.

AdhesiveBacking thickness mmTotal thickness mmPeeling strength N/25mmTensile strength N/25mmElongation %Breakdown voltage kV

1 mil Thick Polyimide Film No adhesive 0.5 mil FEP coating on one side of HN Polyimide

120 Gauge film structure consisting of a 25 µm (1 mil) base polyimide film with a 2.5 µm (0.1 mil) coating of FEP on both sides.

Polyimide HN film coated with fluoropolymer resin, imparts heat sealability, provides a moisture barrier and enhances chemical resistance.

Polyimide is synthesized by polymerizing an aromatic dianhydride with an aromatic diamine. It has excellent chemical resistance and there are no known organic solvents for the film. It does not melt and can be used at both high and low-temperature extremes. Kapton® Polyimide Films can be used in a variety of electrical and electronic uses: wire and cable tapes, formed coil insulation, substrates for printed circuit boards, motor slot liners, magnet wire insulation, transformer and capacitor insulation, magnetic and pressure-sensitive tapes and tubing.

Available Properties
  • Density, ASTM D542-90
  • Moisture Absorption at Equilibrium, 50% RH; 23°C
  • Water Absorption at Saturation, 98% RH; 23°C
  • Water Vapor Transmission
  • Film Tensile Strength at Yield, MD, ASTM D882-91, 3% yield point. Orientation not specified
  • Film Elongation at Break, MD, ASTM D882, Orientation not specified. Value at 200°C (390°F) is 80%
  • Secant Modulus, ASTM D882
  • Tear Strength Test, ASTM D1004-90, N Graves (Initial) value
  • Elmendorf Tear Strength MD, ASTM D1922-89, Orientation not specified
  • Film Tensile Strength at Break, MD, ASTM D882, Orientation not specified
  • Electrical Resistivity
  • Dielectric Constant
  • Dielectric Strength
  • Dissipation Factor
  • Cable Wrapping
  • Magnet Wire Wrapping
  • Automotive Manifolds
  • Automotive Diaphragms
  • Tubing
  • Heat Sealable Bags
  • Heater Circuits

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