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Today, we are gonna talk about Industrial Disasters

We’ve had 3 major Industrial Disasters in India in the 20th century

  1. Bombay Docks Explosion
  2. Chasnala Mining Disaster
  3. The Union Carbide Gas Disaster

3 Major Disasters:

The Union Carbide Gas Disaster was one of the worst, More than 5 thousand people died and more than 5 lakh people were affected Yet they are still recovering. We have entered the 21st Century And these statistics have gone up Instead of Going Down. Our safety levels are going down and the disasters are going Up.

Can you imagine the number of disasters we’ve had in the 21st Century?

And we’ve just started the 21st century, The Korba Chimney Collapse in 2009 Jaipur Oil Depot Fire in 2009, Visakhapatnam HPCL Refinery Blast in 2013, Nagaram GAIL Pipeline Explosion In 2014,

Three In 2017: Tughlakabad, Kanpur, Belu

Again 3 major industrial disasters, and in 2018 the Bhillai Steel Plant

What are we doing for our safety? We have to major steps for our safety, we have to take small steps for our safety We should start making safety our primary concern. We have to use tools that are most important to keep us safe, why are we not using non-sparking tools made of Beryllium copper (BeCu) to keep everybody safe, it is our responsibility to keep our people safe it is our responsibility to keep our employees safe, family safe, it is our responsibility in our organization to make sure our blue-collar workers are safe. Yes, it is your responsibility to report to the authorities if you see the safety standards are failing, Why are you not doing that, what is stopping you, whatever it takes for safety just go ahead and do it.

Non-Sparking safety hammer of Beryllium Copper

This is a Beryllium Copper Sledgehammer. It has properties like non-sparking, anti-vibration super strong and also, it has a nylon grip. This is a 5 kg Hammer with a shaft it’s around 6 kgs. These are used in all kinds of used places where safety is most important. You can use this in all Refineries, Automotive Industries, Chemical Industries, Petrochemical Industry, Aircraft Aerospace even in Petrol Pumps where there is a need. Do not compromise on your safety tools. All your safety tools must be Beryllium Copper. Not of Copper Titanium nor Aluminium Bronze.

“Beryllium Copper Non-Sparking Wrench”

This is not an ordinary wrench made of Iron or Steel. The ordinary wrench made of iron and steel are small in size and are usually available in local tool shops nearby.

Beryllium Copper Non-Sparking wrenches are used in mines, ships, aerospace, and many industries where there are such big nuts and bolts.

Now, these wrench have special properties like Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic, Safety….!

Yes, those 3 important words..!

These wrenches are used in Petrochemical Industries, Chemical Industries, Oil and Gas, Refineries, Ships, Aircraft, many places where their safety is an issue. It is best to use your non-sparking tools of Beryllium Copper. Do not compromise by using aluminium bronze or copper titanium.

What are the 5 most popular and unanswered questions for the Copper Titanium Alloy?


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These are the Five questions that most of my clients and many other people have asked all over the world for the Copper Titanium Alloy:

Question 1: Is it registered as per the International Standards?

Question 2: What is the Conductivity of Copper Titanium (CuTi)?

Question 3: Are the grades and the applications defined?

Question 4: Is Copper Titanium Non-Sparking?

Question 5: Are the price Metrics defined?

Question 1: Is it Registered as per the International Standards?

Answer: All Metals and alloys are defined under ASTM or UNS and these are the International Standards and there are more under which alloys come. Copper Titanium Most of the Copper Titanium (#CuTi) alloys are not defined under these standards, I am not comfortable using an alloy which is not defined under these standards.

Question 2: What is the Conductivity of this material (Copper Titanium [CuTi])?

Answer: The Conductivity of Titanium (Ti) is very low, the conductivity of Aluminium (Al), Nickel (Ni) is good, the conductivity of Copper (Cu) is even better, the conductivity of Beryllium (Be) is good. If you put Titanium (Ti) and Copper (Cu) together the conductivity of the allow will drop whereas If you put Beryllium (Be) and Copper (Cu) together the conductivity goes up, even alloys of Aluminium (Al) and Nickel (Ni) should perform better than a Titanium Copper alloy. I would rather go with a Copper Beryllium alloy (BeCu/CuBe) as a conductor than Copper Titanium (CuTi).


Applications of CuTi:

In the moulds, you require very high conductivity and there also many other applications. Where the conductivity is a problem, they require very high conductivity. I would not be able to use such an alloy.

Question 3: Are the grades and the applications defined?

Answer: It is not defined in the International standards of ASTM, UNS and other International Standards. I don’t know how will the application be defined to the grades. There is no clear picture of this.

Question 4: Is Copper Titanium Non-sparking?

Answer: Well, there is a FACT that Ferro Titanium is highly used in explosives and fireworks all over the world. So, I can’t imagine using a Copper Titanium Hammer and trying to hit on a wall or a Nail or anything that has Iron (Fe) in it. Now if Titanium and Iron together can make fireworks, a tool which is made of Copper Titanium, I don’t know what it can do, I don’t think you should try this at home. I would rather use a safety non sparking tool made of beryllium copper than any other tool.

Question 5: Is the Pricing system of Copper Titanium defined?

Answer: All the metal prices are listed on the metal exchange even Gold is listed on the metal exchange. Now let’s assume the price of copper is 100 ₹ and let’s assume the price of titanium is 200 ₹ and alloy of copper and titanium put together should be ranging in a price between 100 to 200 plus some machining cost, making cost, alloying cost, whatever you call it. Now with Copper titanium these prices are off the charts they are way ahead there is no justification for it, it is not special material it is just an another alloy.

As of today, I understand Copper Titanium is not a great alloy, they have to do a lot of research a lot of work and put together to bring this to the work and for us to use it, I would rather take an alloy which has material safety datasheet or what we call it an MSDS. Even Beryllium Copper Alloys, Copper-nickel alloys all of them have the material safety datasheet but it is not present for copper titanium alloys. Hands down I would not suggest you use something like this

Do it on your own Risk…

औद्योगिक आपदाओं को कैसे रोका जाए ?

How to Prevent Industrial Disasters?

नॉन  स्पार्किंग  टूल्स (उपकरण)  !  आज  हम  बात  करेंगे  नॉन  स्पार्किंग  टूल्स  के  बारे में, ये  खास  इस  तरह  के  टूल्स  है  जो आपकी  सेफ्टी  के  लिए  बनाये  गए  है,

 इंडिया  को सुरक्षित  बनाने  के लिए  नॉन  स्पार्किंग  टूल्स  का  इस्तमाल  करना  बहुत  जरूरी  है  हमे  हमारे  कामगारों  और  कर्मचारियोंको  सुरक्षित रखने  के  लिए  हमे  नॉन  स्पार्किंग  टूल्स  का  इस्तेमाल करना  बहुत  जरूरी  है | ये  टूल्स  इस  तरह  होते  है  जिसे  मारने  पर  आग  नहीं लगती , चिंगारी  नहीं  होती |  इसमें  हथोड़ी , आरी, बरमी, स्पिनले, पेंचकस , पाना, रिंच, पक्कड़ ये सारी चीजे आती  है  जिससे  आग  लगने  की  सम्भावना  बिलकुल  नहीं  होती |“बेरिलियम कॉपर”  नॉन  स्पार्किंग सेफ्टी टूल्स जो  बनाये  गए  है, वो  खास  इसी  के  लिए  बनाये  गए  है| ये  100% सुरक्षा  के   लिए है | अब  जैसे  “एल्युमीनियम  ब्रोंज” का  बनता  है और  “कॉपर  टाइटेनियम “ का  बनता  है  वो  सरे  टूल्स  सुरक्षित  नहीं  है , 100% सिर्फ  और  सिर्फ  “बेरिलियम  कॉपर “नॉन  स्पार्किंग  टूल्स  ही  सुरक्षित  है |

आपको  पता  है  हमारे  देश  में  कितने – कितने   दुर्घटना  हुई  है, सिर्फ  और  सिर्फ  नॉन  स्पार्किंग  टूल्स  न  उपयोग  करने  के  कारण ? आप  मान  भी  नहीं  सकते 20 वी सदी  में  4 हुई , बहुत  बड़े  बड़े , 21 वी सदी  में  उससे  ज्यादा  हुई , उससे  और  भी  बढ़  गए , सुरक्षा  के  स्तर और  भी  गिर  गया  है  ! हम  क्या  कर  रहे  इस  बारे  में  ? 20वी  सदी  में  बॉम्बे  डॉक्स , चासनाला  माइनिंग  विस्फोट , यूनियन  कार्बाइड  | आपको  पता  है  यूनियन  कार्बाइड  में  5 हज़ार  से  ज्यादा  लोग  मर  गए , 5 लाख  से  ज्यादा  लोग  अभी  भी  बीमारियों  से  झेल  रहे  है  जूझ   रहे  है | 21वी  सदी  में  संख्याये  और  भी  बढ़  गयी  है , दुर्घटनाये  और  भी  बढ़  गए  है | 6 से  7 बड़े  बड़े  आपदाये  हुए  जयपुर , विशाखापटनम , नगराम  , तुग़लकाबाद  , बेलूर , भिल्लाई  स्टील  प्लांट |  एक  से  एक   इतने  सरे  आपदा  हुई  है  इतने  सरे  लोग  मरे  है  क्योंकि उन्होंने  सुरक्षा  स्तर  को  अनदेखा  किया  है , उन्होंने   टूल्स  ऐसे  उपयोग  किये , जिससे  आग  लग  सकते  है | खानो में आग  लगी  है , लोग  मरे  है , हमें  ये  चीज  रोकनी  है  | हमें  मिल  कर  ये  चीज  रोकनी  है  ये  आप  की  जिम्मेदारी  है|  अगर  आप  देखते  हो  कही  पर  भी  सुरक्षा स्तर को  माना  नहीं  जाता  है | जाके  शिकायत  करें  उच्च अधिकारी  को ,  जाके  शिकायत  करें  लोगो  को , आपने  सहकर्मी  को  बताइये   नॉन  स्पार्किंग  टूल्स  के  बारे  में , जो उनके  सुरक्षा  के  लिए  बनाये  गए  है |

आज  मैं  आपको  अपने  फैक्टरी  लेके  जाकर  दिखता  हूँ ,  किस  तरह के  होते  है , ये  बड़े  बड़े  हथोड़े  आते   है और  छोटे भी  आते  है , हर  तरीके  के  आते है  आपको  उसे  इस्तेमाल  करना   है |

आपको  अपने  परिवार और  कामगारों  सहकारी की  सुरक्षा  के लिए  इसे  इस्तेमाल  करना  है |

 ये  है  हमारा   हथोड़ा |  ये आम  हथोड़ा  नहीं  है , जो  आपको  आम  दुकान  पर  मिल  जायेगा| आम  दुकान  पर  जो  मिलता  है  वो  होता  है  स्टील  का  मतलब  लोखंड , ये  है  “बेरिलियम  कॉपर”  का  ये  नॉन  स्पार्किंग  होता  है, जिसे  मरने  पर  आग  नहीं  लगती ,  चिंगारी  नहीं  आती ,  इसमें  वाइब्रेशन  नहीं  होती  क्योंकि  इसमें  नायलॉन हैंडल  दिया  गया  है|  ये  सुरक्षा  नियम का पालन  किया  जाता  में उपयोग  होता  है, चुम्बक  भी  नहीं  चिपकता इस पर | ये  हर  जगह  उपयोग  होता  है  जहा  सुरक्षा  बहुत  महत्वपूर्ण  होता  है , जैसे  पेट्रोल  पंप  में , गैस  चेम्बर  में , पेट्रो  केमिकल  इंडस्ट्री , जहा   पर  तेल  और  गैस  के  पदार्थ  इस्तेमाल  किये  जाते  है  इसे  हर  जगह  इस्तेमाल  किये  जाते  है | जहाजों और उनके  इंजन  रूम  में   और   जहा पर  आग  लगने  की  संभावना  हो  | इसका  वजन  5 kg   है , और  रोड के साथ 6 kg हो  जाता  है  बेरिलियम  कॉपर  एक  ही  है  जो  नॉन  स्पार्किंग , मतलब  आग  नहीं  लगाने  देगा ,इसके दूसरी  वेरिटी  आती  है  जैसे  “एल्युमीनियम  ब्रोंज”  और “ कॉपर  टाइटेनियम”  जिसमे  आग  लगने  की  संभावना  है.

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