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Question:- “What is MuMetal?”

Answer:- Mumetal is a soft magnetic Iron Nickel alloy with very high permeability, Due to which it can used for shielding of electronic equipment’s against static and low frequency magnetic fields. #Mumetal contains 80% Nickel, 5 % Molybdenum and balance Iron and some impurities like Silicon.

Question:- “Can MuMetal be magnetized?”

Answer:- Mumetal is a soft magnetic iron nickel alloy with very high permeability, Because of its high permeability, it is used as a shield against the magnets. It is also used for shielding electronic equipment’s and components from static and low frequency magnetic fields.

Question:- “How do you Shield a Magnetic Field?”

Answer:- If you want to block out a magnetic force, you will have to reroute the magnetic lines of the magnetic flux. To do this you need to use a high permeability Iron nickel alloy such as Mumetal.

Question:- “How Is Soft Magnetic Iron Nickel Alloy Commonly Known as MUMETAL Used For Shielding?”

Answer:-  Magnetic shielding material mumetal i.e. Soft magnetic iron nickel alloy mainly consist of 80% nickel, Moly 5% and balanced iron. It is highly used for Shielding Magnetic fields. There are many brand names for these material like Mumetal, Permalloy, Super Muniperm, Aperam, Amumetal, Softmag 80, Hipernom. These are all brand names of different companies. You cannot really use a Chinese material with same specification and get desire results. Magnetic Shielding for cables is done by wrapping the MuMetal FeNi80Mo foil and your job is pretty much done. Magnetic shielding applications of round or rectangle or square object. A magnetic field does not travel in a straight it work Up and Down. Its travel all around. To shield object you need to prepare round or cone shape and shield it! Sometimes we do not have a choice, but to use a square or a rectangular shape. What you need to do is take a rectangle or square object and make sure the edges should be round or more turned and roundish this will also help you shield the magnetic field.

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