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High Temperature Silica Yarn Supplier In India are made of continuous filaments (5 to 9 microns diameter for single filament). They bear the thermal performance of refractory materials. With continuous working temperature at 1000°C (1800°F), HTS Yarns have high resistance to thermal shock, low thermal conductivity, and minimal shrinkage at service temperatures and under conditions of cyclical thermal loads. HTS Yarns also provide reliable electric insulation, acid and alkali resistance (up to pH 14) in comparison with E-Glass and basalt fibers.

These equalized twisted yarns are made in several plies. The yarns are comprised of a collection of hundreds of single continuous filaments. During the production process they are subjected to thermal and chemical treatments to assure superior quality.

They provide superior protection in electrical applications and has minimal shrinkage at service temperatures. These HTS Yarn with thermal shock resistance has a tensile strength of 3.8 lbs and yield of 3300 ly/lb.