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Question:- “What is Electrical Insulation Paper?”

Answer: Electrical Insulation Papers are of various grades and qualities. Electrical Insulation Papers are used for transformers, motors and insulation of many electrical equipment’s, these papers have various classes, definitions and different uses.

Question:- “What is Kraft Insulation Paper?”

Answer: Kraft Insulation Papers are used for Transformers, Cables, and Motor electrical winding for Insulation purpose. Kraft Insulation papers are typically A class insulation. The thing that you need to look for when you’re buying a Kraft Insulation Paper is that it should have a very low moisture content and a very good Di-Electric strength. Kraft Insulation Papers are mainly made from Pure wood pulp or pure wood cellulose or vascular plants.

Question:- “What is Transformer Insulation Crepe Paper?”

Answer: Electrical Insulation Crepe Papers are used for transformers, motors, cables, etc. These papers are made from Electrical Insulation Kraft Paper which is creped. Because of the creping, these papers give a High Mechanical Strength. Crepe papers help you retain oil in the Transformer which helps you reduce the working temperature of a transformer and give much more life to the transformer.

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