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Beryllium Copper (C17200)


Beryllium Copper Alloy 25

It is also known as “CuBe2, C17200, BeCu, CDA 172, CB101, ISO CuBe2, CEN CW101C, A4/2, and beryllium bronze”.

Beryllium copper (C17200 and C17300) is an age-hardening alloy which attains the highest strength of any copper-base alloy. It may be age-hardened after forming into springs, intricate forms or complex shapes. It is valued for spring properties, corrosion resistance, stability, conductivity, and low creep.

Tempered beryllium copper is C17200 and C17300 that has been age hardened and cold drawn. No further heat treatment is necessary beyond a possible light stress relief. It is sufficiently ductile to wind on its diameter and can be formed into springs and most shapes. The tempered wire is most useful where the properties of beryllium copper are desired, but the age hardening of finished parts is not practical.

High strength beryllium copper alloys contain as much as 2.7% beryllium (cast) or 1.6-2% beryllium with about 0.3% cobalt (wrought). The strength is achieved by age hardening. The thermal conductivity of these alloys lies between steels and aluminium. The cast alloys are frequently formed with injection molds. The wrought alloys are designated by UNS as C17200 to C17400, the cast alloys are C82000 to C82800. The hardening process requires rapid cooling of the annealed metal, resulting in a solid-state solution of beryllium in copper, which is kept at 200 – 460 °C for at least an hour, producing precipitation of metastable beryllide crystals in the copper matrix. Overaging beyond the equilibrium phase depletes the beryllide crystals and reduces the strength. The beryllides in cast alloys are similar to those in wrought alloys.

High conductivity beryllium copper alloys contain as much as 0.7% beryllium with some nickel and cobalt. The thermal conductivity of these alloys is greater than aluminium and slightly less than pure copper and are commonly used as electrical contacts.


C172001.8 ~ 2.10.2 min--Bal
0.6 max

Mechanical and Electrical Properties

Of Beryllium Copper (C17200) Rod, Bar, Tube, Strips and Foils.
Applications for C17200:-
  • Electrical applications:- Springs, Connectors and Contacts, Relays, Resistance Welding Electrodes, Welding Wheels, Bourdon and Tubes.
  • Industrial applications:- Pumps, Springs, Electrochemical, Shafts, Non Sparking Safety Tools, Flexible Metal Hose, Housings for Instruments, Bearings, Bushings, Valve Seats, Valve Stems, Diaphragms, Springs, Welding Equipment, Rolling Mill Parts, Spline Shafts, Pump Parts, Valves, Bourdon Tubes and Wear Plates on Heavy Equipment and Bellows.

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