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Beryllium Copper Plate Supplier In India Beryllium Copper Plates are available in all sizes. We can cut material as per your requirements in our Bandsaw Machine.

DOMADIA’s are importing and stocking Beryllium Copper Plate as per International Standards. Plates are made with ALLOY 25, UNS C17200, ASTM CDA 172, ASTM B196, 251, 463; SAE J461, 463; AMS 4533, 4534, 4535; AMS4650, 4651; RWMA Class 4, QBe2, BrB2, DIN 2.1247, CW101C to EN.

ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials
SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers
AMS: Aerospace Materials Specification (Published by SAE)
RWMA: Resistance Welder Manufacturers’ Association

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Call +91 8928403617 or Email : becu@domadia.com

We also Supply Beryllium Copper Rods, Sheet, Wire, Foil, Emi Finger Strip and Beryllium Copper Tools.

What is Beryllium Copper used for? https://youtu.be/lEwK2W59pG8

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