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Aluminium Beryllium Aluminium Ingots

AlBe5 Aluminium Beryllium Aluminum Ingots are used for casting Light weight structural components

Beryllium Aluminium or Aluminium Beryllium alloys consist of physical and mechanical properties that exceed those of standard aluminium alloys in such areas as mechanical stability, dampening, thermal management and reduced weight. AlBe combines the high modulus and low density of beryllium with the strength, ductility and fabrication characteristic of aluminium. The Al-Be alloy with a high modulus-to-density ratio (3.8 times that of aluminium or steel) greatly reduces the chance of flexure and mechanical failure.

Aluminium-Beryllium (Al-Be) Alloy Designations:

Chemical Name: aluminium-beryllium alloy

Chemical Formula: Al- Be

Chemical Properties

Alloy: AlBe5 Ingots

Composition: 4.7 – 5.5 % Beryllium, Balance Aluminium and casting Impurities

Colour: Silver Grey

CEN Spec: AM-90400

AA Spes: H2005

Density: 2.65 g/cm3


  • Aluminium Diecasting Parts
  • Preventing Mg burn-off during the production of aluminium and magnesium alloys.
  • Improving the surface of 5000 series wrought aluminium alloys.
  • Avionics, space-related optical systems, structural components for small satellites, propellants, high-performance engine pistons, computer disc drives, high-performance bicycle parts


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  • Titanium
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