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Making the Big Difference to Our Customers

From Procurement to Marketing – Electrical Insulating Materials & Metal Alloys (India) is a trading and distribution company of metal commodities, offering customised financial and logistical solutions to Transformer Industry, Plastic Moulds & Hot Runner Systems, Automotive Components, Heaters, Motors, Engineering Products, Defence Components, Aerospace Components Industries.

Established in 1997, based out of Mumbai, We, at Domadia Group supply, in collaboration with various Internationally based Certified Manufacturing Companies, products with uncompromising Quality Standards. We are a sourcing company for special kinds of Semi-Precious Metals, Rare Earth, Metal Powder, Metal Alloys and Insulation Materials.

With over 23 years of experience, we have developed strong partnerships with our business associates all around the world, offering expertise in raw material, inventory and logistical solutions.

We provide seamless transparency with our services which can accommodate businesses small and big, alike. We use our affection for the industry to execute desired orders, inclusive of hassle-free transactions and dedicated attention to each order.

It Helps US To :

Build strong relationships with our customers – which we achieve, for example, by employing and training local workforces. Develop trust in our reliability and integrity – which we are reinforcing, for instance, by developing a global compliance network. Manage risks more effectively – as we do with the social and environmental impact assessments that we carry out in all geographies. establish strong employee engagement.

Why Us :

  • Superior quality products
  • Customer focused approach
  • Timely delivery
  • Proven execution of small as well as large batch orders

How we create value:

Direct Procurement:

Long term cooperation and partnerships with producers, manufacturing high quality materials

Risk Management:

Managing currency and commodity price volatility, through hedging instruments and risk management


Ready stock in warehouses to provide just-in-time inventory to our customers thereby reducing their capital tied up in inventory


Minimizing the working capital by supplying raw material against LC and credit basis

Our vision is to continue being a top-tier importer, provider and trading establishment deeply seeded and dealing in Base Metals, Minor Metals & Electrical Insulating Materials

Our mission is to industriously deliver Base Metals, Minor Metals &  Engineering Products according to the global needs and requirements, along with bridging the gap between suppliers and customers.

Our Direct Customers :

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