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[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-wrench” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”Non Sparking Tools” image_u=”3087″ button_text=”READ MORE” link=”http://www.domadia.net/nst/”]Non Sparking Tools are the best alternative for non sparking application purposes in explosive potential environments.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-fire” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”Heat Shrink Sleeves” image_u=”3091″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/sleeves/” button_text=”READ MORE”]Colour: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Transparent. Shrinks and Makes cables secure and water proof.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-arrows” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”Beryllium Copper” image_u=”3088″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/beryllium-copper/” button_text=”READ MORE”]DOMADIA’s are importing and stocking Beryllium Copper Rod as per International Standards.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-tint” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”OXYGEN FREE COPPER” image_u=”3093″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/oxygen-free-copper/” button_text=”READ MORE”]Oxygen Free Copper / OFE / OFHC is available in ready stock. Please send us your enquiry, so that we can send a quote![/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-retweet” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”POLYIMIDE FILM” image_u=”3089″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/polyimide-film/” button_text=”READ MORE”]Polyimide film is a good HN grade insulating material. It is widely used for insulation purpose in electrical appliances.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-puzzle-piece” style=”” title=”Rare Earth” image_u=”3095″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/powder/” button_text=”READ MORE”]DOMADIA’s are Supply Rare Earth Metals and Powders as per International Standards.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-bullhorn” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”High Temperature Cable” image_u=”3101″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/cable/” button_text=”READ MORE”]ETP COPPER + MICA + HTS YARN, Conductor (Twisted) ETP Copper(Options of Nickel / Beryllium Copper – as per order)[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-magic” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”SOFT MAGNETIC IRON NICKEL” image_u=”3104″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/sofmag/” button_text=”READ MORE”]Nickel is renowned for its good ductility and electrical conductivity. [/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-envira” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”ULTRA THIN METAL FOIL” image_u=”3102″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/ultra-thin-metal-foil/” button_text=”READ MORE”]Stainless Steel Foil, Beryllium Copper, Nickel Foil, Mumetal Foil, Indium Foil.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-slack” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”Titanium Wire” image_u=”3105″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/nicr/” button_text=”READ MORE”]We offer the largest selection of titanium wire, bar, plate, sheet, pipe, tube and more..[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-thumb-tack” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”PURE NICKEL” image_u=”3103″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/ni/” button_text=”READ MORE”]Density  8.9  g/cm3, Electrical Resistivity At 20 ˚C  µΩ m 0.09, Therm.Expasion Coefficient  20 – 100 ˚C  10 ˚/K  13[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-plug” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”SEALING AND EXPANSION” image_u=”3108″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/dilaton/” button_text=”READ MORE”]We produce a range of FeNi, FeNiCr and FeNiCo alloys, which are known as controlled expansion alloys.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-magnet” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”Titanium Bars” image_u=”3111″ button_text=”READ MORE” link=”http://www.domadia.net/nicu/”]NiCu alloys and their welding consumables have a Ni content of 50-70 % and are known as Silverin alloys.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-plug” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”Mica Tape” image_u=”3113″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/paper/” button_text=”READ MORE”]Various types of ELECTRICAL INSULATING PAPERs are available in Rolls and Tapes.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-bookmark” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”Titanium Pipes” image_u=”3110″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/nimn/” button_text=”READ MORE”]Manganese is a hard silvery-grey metal. It remains stable in the atmosphere by forming an oxide layer.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-fire” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”High Temperature Yarns” image_u=”3116″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/yarn/” button_text=”READ MORE”]High Temperature Yarns are made of continuous filaments (5 to 9 microns diameter for single filament).[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-flask” style=”” lightbox=”true” title=”THERMOSTATIC BIMETAL” image_u=”3627″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/tb/” button_text=”READ MORE”]Thermostatic bimetal is a laminated composite material that usually consists of two firmly joined metals.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-puzzle-piece” style=”” title=”Carbon Fabric” image_u=”3117″ link=”http://www.domadia.net/fabric/” button_text=”READ MORE”]Carbon fiber fabric is made of carbon fiber by woven unidirectional, plain weaving or twill weaving style.[/anps_featured]


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